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Even Santa's need some lovin'. Since Christmas is the time of giving, he just might get it. Read More
Men don't always get to run the show. We love having our fun as well. ;) Read More
They say two is company, but three's a crowd, or is it just CrAzY... Read More
Inside is a story I wrote inspired by a song from Trey Songz that I actually gave to him to read. Hope you enjoy it too! Read More
"You know your walls will... remember me. You know your walls won't... forget." Is how the song goes. Well neither will the woman in this Poem. Read More
This is far from done. It's just here so a co-writer/ friend can see it. Read More

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Ex lovers Evan and Rachel have been pleasing eachother all night. A pleasurable secret is shared between them Read More
For Naudin's birthday, his wife reveals all of her long and varied sexual life, which he and she now enjoy recreating weekly. Read More
At it again...another romp when it is most needed! Read More
a Bad slave gets punished by her Master in the worst way. Read More

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