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Enter with me if you will into the mind of Libby. Her future is in your hands... Read More
This is based on a real memoir. . . The highly erotic chronicles of a sheltered woman desperately yearning to be free from her highly restricted way of life. She was raised in a religious household with a strict preacher for a father and a religious zealot of a mother… Read More
A former archangel tells us how he is forced to stay here on Earth with the rest of us. Read More
The days were humid and overcast, stretching back in an unchanging line since before the memories of even the land's oldest inhabitants. From castles and mansions of unparalleled beauty and decadence, a ruling class of demigods watches over their garden kingdom. Below, the masses toil, fight and die, either fanatically… Read More

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Here is a copy of the first three chapters of my Spiritual Thriller, a story that lays the foundation for what follows. I have included a taste of chapter four as well, where the main character finds herself in a battle for her very soul. Read More
I am a survior of rape, tourcher and sexual assualt. I can not prove enough to get a fair trial in court this is a request to all who are fair minded to do as the Savior would do and look into this as much as they can so that… Read More
Meela is without faith and fearful of trust, a woman who always has to see proof is now on a journey to gain faith, to learn trust and to save her aunt and grandma in what can only be described as a nightmare. Read More
Childhood memories painted in sunshine anecdotes are eclipsed by a dark and disturbing incident involving a miscreant priest. Read More

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