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Contest Entry (Beach Sex) When your past comes back to haunt you... Read More

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He loved her too late in that life. Read More
She... Is the wolf who banished the most powerful sorcerer in the world from Ireland. She is the last mystic wolf to roam the earth. And she is the only one who can allow the supernatural to enter Ireland once more. Only she has no memory of who she was,… Read More
A quantum leap erotic genderbender themed story about how time and space can reveal the mystery of the possibilities a person can change sex and their identity whilst time traveling through an apparent parallel universe but yet not meet themselves along the way. So as the theory goes "The same… Read More
In modern day New York City, 23 year old closeted actor Marcus Sebastian has left his role on a popular soap opera to begin his new career as a recording artist. However this new opportunity becomes stalled when his former bandmates from his days as a teen boyband member turn… Read More
taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'" Read More
WARNING: If you are offended by sexual imagery or profanity do not read further. This is my attempt at erotic humour: What if my wife was not female? Would I still lover the same? What if I was not male would she let me love her? Read More

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