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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Swim with me... Read More

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"Crazy hot poem that matches a very sexy photo. Great phrases, inages... Auburn tentacles, cherry wink... Woof." Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After spending a rotten two months trying to mend her broken heart and ego, Keira may have an opportunity from an old friend to rediscover her sense of fun and freedom. Read More
Jack meets up with his wife's best friend for an afternoon of sex and it gets better. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After both her parents moved away, Alex had gained a "Don't give a fuck" attitude toward life. Living with her sister, she takes on the opportunity to go to private school. Little does she know; this "school" offers more than just math lessons. Read More
"Julia really wanted to be with another woman again, there was one in particular that she found that was hott and she knew she was bi too, but would she do Julia?" Read More
"Matt hears his neighbor's headboard hit his wall each night and wonders what the woman on the other side of the wall looks like and most important how he can get in on the action.." Read More
A teenage girl gets raped and killed by her two friends. Read More

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