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The 8th part in the on going saga of Raven Perry who has found herself in a downward spiral after catching her fiancée in bed with another man Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

On her way to a Halloween party things don't go as planned. Read More

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Dorian Huxley is a former head of homicide who has gone into Private Investigation. Working for himself he finds constant business helping the very force he quit solve cold cases and any other puzzling crimes. As the Head of Homicide, there was no case he couldn't solve. His secret? Well...… Read More
Raven's Lair is a story of the forbidden world explored. When overzealous ambitions take over, they might have deadly consequences if Raven doesn't get her life together quick. Will she let a break up break her or will JT be her saving grace???? Read More

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