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Sexy,sassy Solentville Tales is a screenplay set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away. It features a boatyard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe. With different scenes and characters emerging throughout… Read More
Sexual pleasures lead to tasting the forbidden fruit of the flesh as seduction and sensual temptation arouse the two lovers stimulating the love and blood juices to flow in a passionate erotic encounter. Read More

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Urban monster wreaks havoc slaying the local population with menace.The town of Darkville lays just south of the river Mississippi. With a population of just over 25,000 it was seldom in the news but on one November night that was all about to change. An urban legend resurfaced from the… Read More
Natalie (Nat) age 18. A volleyball player above all. Average high school student, all around good girl. But she has a weakness, Jack, her volleyball coach. Age 22. Hot af. Read More
The world is in danger! Who is there to save it after its female superspy decides to go rogue and take over? Even the regular criminal syndicate P.E.R.V.E.R.T. is having issues within its ranks with employee turnovers and financial hardships. The only one to save the day is the reluntant… Read More
Undeniable Vision is the raunchy memories of one girls experience, and spoken as if it was you she was with!! Read More

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