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When a Jewishsex slave is kidnapped, she doesn't know what awaits her..... Read More

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Woke up this morning face on keyboard with a facebook profile opened and this typed out. Drug influenced, definitely not how I feel, at least outwardly. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing, I guess. Read More
Andre is a human toy of Blue Lake pack for years. Without any way out he is only triying to survive. Read More

Tags: rape, captivity

This may turn into a novella. I still have parts that I have not typed out yet! Read More

Tags: horror, rape, abuse

This is a story has elements of real life experiences, with names ,places and situations changed. It is about how evil exists within the world, within one self and within others. Parts of it are purely fiction as part 2 will soon tell! Read More

Tags: horror, rape, torture

Gerard wasn't a pervert, or mentally deranged, he just liked his victims weak. Connie was the perfect victim. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Claire Porter is a beautiful, yet outcast young woman at the end of her high school career. When home life becomes rocky, she buries herself in photography projects; seeking solitude to escape the pain... Unfortunately, solitude is not what she will find in the dark room. Read More
Oliver a 43 year old man, Nova's father is cruel and will do just about anything to gain favor or power in society. Even marry his daughter off to the richest man he can get. Which is the purpose of the birthday party. Being as old as she is now,… Read More
Maddy works at a local diner off the path for truck drivers. One night she is the last one in and things end up badly. Read More
Tess finds herself roped and gagged in a dark dungeon... Read More
Gemma is a privileged, wealthy, and beautiful girl in the 1890's. She has a sharp tongue that gets her into trouble with Jack! Read More

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Ayesha is just your average teenager, not doing great in school but she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time. She's never had a serious boyfriend because most of the guys in her year are immature and she isn't interested in them. Her average life… Read More

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Jill goes to a party to meet hot guys. She is forced to do more than she ever imagined. Read More

Tags: sex, hot, rape, party, raped, rough, metal

Seino is a 16 year old boy, he wants to tell you about the time he decided to do something he has wanted to do for years. His life has always been perfect. Good parents, helpful little brother, he even have a girlfriend. But something inside him has the desire… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Jynx is a orphan, till her long lost brother shows up in her life. Now she goes from rags to riches in a matter of seconds, but is the secrets, the arranged marrage, and constant attention worth it? A romantic story of love, danger, secrets, and more importantly... Lust. Read More
Being dragged away from all that you know and being thrown into a world of pain and torture would break most people but it has only made this girl stronger. Will she break free or will someone finally break her down. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FIISHED- AUTHOR'S PICK FOR FAVORITE STORY) Claire Opeth is fed up with her alcoholic mother, so she left home. On the way to a friends house, two sexy strangers kidnap her and take her away. She wakes up in a stunning mansion and the two men staring at her. Brent… Read More

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February 02, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

16 year old Diana Rodgers was a regualar high school goth. She always seemed to look down on herself but could hold up on her own. 17 year old Joshua Adams was the most respected goth in high school but didn't like to hang out with big crowds. Diana is… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FINISHED) Renee's life isn't going so well so she gathers her sister and tries to run away, only the unpredictable happens and both sisters are in danger. Read More
master has finally reached his breaking point with bratty skye, and it is now time to take the next step. to break her into submission for his pleasure and her own. Read More
Presently, only one man can tame the Scylcenna and very few in history ever have. It is a skill that is rare, but how do you teach a skill that simply cannot be taught? How do you teach the impossible when so much is at stake? Read More
My first kiss was stolen. By Justin Bieber. Most girls would be pleased. Thrilled, even. Me? Not so much. I'm his girlfriend's best friend. I don't love him, so why do these feelings keep torturing me? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Katie had always fantasized about being kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave for her master, she had many online names and was always online talking to older guys who wanted her to be theirs, she never thought it would actually happen.. but when it did she had no… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The passion between this Master and slave is pure bliss. It wasn't always this way though. Sometimes you need to teach a girl what she really wants before she learns what your offering was what she craved all along. Read More
This is a personal story, that I am finally telling. Read More
A young girl is ripped away from her life, all she has is a pen and a notebook documenting her whole kidnapping wondering is she'll ever be found. Read More

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