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Thrill as a sadistic pornographer meets a grisly demise! Shriek as young nubile innocents are ravished by the sex industry! Swoon with excitement when you realise this is the 2nd instalment of the Miss Glitz trilogy! Read More
Legend of the Forbidden love of the Demon Wolf and his true love the Moon Princess. Lives born anew, and a fated union that transcends time. Read More
Poor Miss Glitz only wanted a low level career as a softcore glamour model but she finds herself in the hands of some sleazy film makers who have very different designs on her... Read More
A story about a girl named Lily and her journey through the world of Others. Kidnapped by all FOUR of her mates, who each adore her in their own ways, and if she plans to stay with them, or live with her mothers and her stepfather who wants to rape… Read More
A story about a girl named Lily and her journey through the world of Others. Kidnapped by all FOUR of her mates, who each adore her in their own ways, and if she plans to stay with them, or live with her mothers and her stepfather who wants to rape… Read More
A man picks up a very special type of girl for a night of lust he won't have the chance to forget... Read More
What begins as a sex crime, ends with it's own sort of poetic justice. Read More
A man with a criminal past hides from the law as a clown. Read More

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We resume the story of Jerry Calvet, The Pilchard Fair's Fright House Clown. Read More
Enter, if you please, a crazy and debauched world of orgies and decadence fuelled by mafia money torn from bloodied hands to fund a ex crazed lifestyle... Read More
Superfly superpimp Master Cat sells his collection of sex oddities to a perverse collector.... Read More
A very brief look behind the scenes of a porn shoot with a disillusioned star ruminating on his lot.... Read More
A sex worker after years of degradation and abuse slips into madness as she remembers all the perverted acts she has committed... Read More
In this most evil of pleasure rooms, the ultimate in sadistic pleasure is acted with an infernal torture contraption that brings hell to the sex machine... Read More
A middle aged woman is brutally sexually exploited by her young lover who takes a certain virginity and makes her suffer degradation in the name of love... Read More
Welcome to the porn dungeon where all manner of perversion and sexual degradation is carried out with a bevvy of bukkake babes.... Read More
Come to the sex clinic where Doctor Val and Sister Renate will give you an erotic experience you will never forget! Read More
Julia is driven to the edge of sanity by sexual frustration brutal erotic fantasy and the attentions of a mysterious stalker which endsin a horrifying social media suicide... Read More
A young woman brutally date raped tries to come to terms with her ordeal and is driven to the brink of madness before vowing revenge. Part one of a rape/revenge shocker. Read More
A young girl seduced by the lure of easy money gets drawn into the perverted and debauched world of the outer limits of hardcore pornography... Read More
They meet for the first time to see if their chemistry is as electric in person as it is online. Alec decides it isn't. Sweet, demure, timid Melissa decides that chemistry has nothing to do with it and takes matters into her own hands. Read More

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Roza Gonzales has had everything she has ever loved taken away from her, when she was 6 her parents were murdered at a robbery, leaving her orphaned. Growing up was hard, trying to get the best grades to get into the best college. One night as she is walking home… Read More

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There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. Read More

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April 19, 2013

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July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. Read More

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Nicole goes in for annual 'women's exam' but when a male doctor walks in the door she's too shy to speak up... Perhaps she should have! Read More
Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never… Read More
A woman finds that her rape fantasy can be more real than she imagined. Read More
Daryl, alone and lonely after the death of his wife and the estrangement of his adult kids, sees his later years as a long tedious continuum of malaise and depression. The day he finds Ileana, naked and helpless, marks a new chapter in his life. He attempts to help her… Read More
Karissa gets pulled over late at night on a desolate highway, but something about this cop just doesn't feel right... Read More

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