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Sometimes, during a hectic day you need a quick release. Read More
A fantasy my neighbor wrote to me, then made it reality several days later. This neighbor and I have flirted and teased each other for several months. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

It is part true experience, part fiction. I am not done with some of the stories i am writing but just wrote this as it was on my mind for sometime now. Would appreciate comments and suggestions. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

An interview quickly turns personal... Read More

Tags: hot, office, anal, oral, quickie

Doing a favor for his sister-in-law provides an opportunity to help out another woman in need. Read More
A random glimpse turns into a moment of passion....and maybe more Read More

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An accidental wedding guest gets a wonderful surprise Read More

Tags: quickie

An agonizing breakfast with family takes an unexpected turn Read More

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Cleo had naughty plans for her best friend's boyfriend but what actually happened up those attic stairs? Read More
Kylie harbored some fantasies about her boss, Max and some were a bit naughty. Read More
it's much more exciting if it's a secret quickie Read More
A trip to the gas station can be a filling experience..... Read More
A trip to the bathroom in the bar can be erotic with the right partner. Read to find out... Read More
Lessie Bunco seduced Owen Wilson, an Illinois representative to the U. S. House of Representation, as a fund raiser. Unbeknown to Owen their love making was filmed by her boyfriend and the pictures sent to Lester Wilson, Owen’s father who was a multimillionaire. The photographs were accompanied with a note… Read More
Written as: Women approaching man A flirt at work turns into a bit more in a heat of passion Read More

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