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This is chapter 8 from Superhooker, newly edited. Read More

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Here is the full story..... This book was written between 2010-2012. I took it down from Amazon a couple of years ago but now Superhooker is out of retirement! YaY! Read More

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"I liked the contrast between the orange grove and the stripping." Read More

Julie's middle class dream was threatened when her husband lost his job. With her house facing foreclosure she faced a drastic choice, Would she use her body to save it? Could she accept the degradation? Read More
Cassie is at a crossroads in her life, both professionally and personally. Having been let down once again by a man she finds herself in a bar, alone, and in need. A cheeky proposition opens the door for new adventures and some sexual activity without any strings attached. The shy,… Read More
*Mind Over Matter has been edited!* Braden is in the hospital. His friends are reeling. How could this have happened? What if this is just the beginning? TW for themes of violence. Read More

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When Ria's adoptive father had to be operated on suddenly, she was left in a bind. Her savior came in the form of a high class escort named Hope. She had to go through an awkward journey from a virgin pure to a 21st century whore. But who are people… Read More

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This is a story about a girl, Ava, who finds that desperate times call for desperate measures, as she ends up becoming a body service worker: AKA a prostitute. Despite being a girl with a necessity for secrecy, she finds that what awaits ahead taunts to uncover the secrets of… Read More
A woman finds what she needs to move on from a broken heart in the form of a young prostitute. Read More

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Lola King, an African American young woman ran away from home at sixteen due to years of sexual and physical abuse as a child. Her drunken father sexually abused her from the tender age of thirteen and her drug addict Mother emotionally abused her. she survived on the streets of… Read More
Less than 500 words prompted by SEED. Join in? X Read More
Exotic dream island destination reveals a secret hidden world of vice and prostitution where young women are lured by the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams. The victims find themselves entrapped in sex shops and brothels with no escape from the gang masters who entice tourists to pay bar… Read More
A devil has sworn to throw the world in the pit of debauchery amd lust. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

May 06, 2014

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After moving to Philadelphia and leaving an old flame, Andrea looks to create a fresh start. She meets Miguel, a street-smart ex-con who looks to show her a new way to live. Grateful for someone in her corner, Andrea unintentionally finds herself in an underworld of prostitution and crime. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

==The full story is now complete and uploaded to Booksie== Comments from Bookie Readers: "Out of all the books I've read, this has been one of the best!! ... it was amazing." (reader Hk4eva123) "I loved this book." (reader carameldreams) "One of the best reads ever for me." (reader Danimal)… Read More
taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Scarlett Rose is a typical college girl with outstanding dreams. The thing is- she's not too intelligent and she's not rich enough to buy her way into the IV league universities...she's a charming and sweet girl, but that's never been enough to get her through life- and so she uses… Read More
taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More
taken from my book, "My Head Is Swarming With Flies" Read More
(CANCELLED- Refer to "Recovery")Celeste Jimmison is not ashamed about her job as a prostitute. Her mother was one until she was killed when Celeste was just 15. Celeste is now twenty-three and has no feeling of love whatsoever. She only knows that the people you love will die. When she… Read More
A young girl named Ellie finds herself moving from one captor to another, struggling to hold on to any sense of normalcy she might have had, unwittingly adapting to her surroundings in hopes of finding her mother. The narrative is one of lost innocence and discovering light in the darkest… Read More
The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips Read More
Young girl, torn by the lost of a love and lack of parental love, gets caught up in the cycle of drugs. She journals of disspare and the wanting desire to set herself free from all the pain that surrounds her. Read More
This looks at a true story about a woman doing what she can to pay the rent...this happens. Please comment. Read More

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