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Poem / Adult Romance

January 29, 2020

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Love's Final Fronteir Read More

Tags: love, space, prisoner

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"Such an amazing and beautiful poem! It's just one of its kind. I really loved each and every word you used there. Truly magnificent. :)" Read More

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Penumbra is a world between worlds. Here humans and creatures of myth exist in an uneasy peace. The Shadowlands to the north are home to the Krill clan, a ferocious group of lycanthropes, hell-bent of revenging the slaughter of a sister colony. One of their own will become a prisoner… Read More
Isa is an impressionable man with wonderful attributes. Dianne is a well-to-do woman who has never gotten her feet dirty, nor her deeds. These two were a power couple at first, but now? not so much. Read More
Where do I go now in middle age? Do my vows said before God still hold me when a spouse has cheated and been abusive? Read More
While Overcoming intense sexual emotions from a molestation incident, the girl unknowingly offers an open invite to the same pervert. Twist and turns to Simple sessions of masturbation lead to a second assault- this time, no identity hidden. Read More

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Christian Luciano and his family were finally getting settled in to the family life-that was until all hell broke. When the Rasairos and Lucianos discover him alive, they will stop at nothing to put him in the ground-but killing Christian is only half the satisfaction for Damian Cruel Rasairo. The… Read More

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Christian Luciano was a tough, no messing around type of mobster with an attitude to match. Despite being tough, he wasn't as confident in the killing department. He never had a problem with ordering a murder but he would much rather not get his hands dirty. Then came an unexpected… Read More
A woman wakes up a prisoner, and she has no idea where it will lead her. But her captor has a plan, and if she goves him what he wants, she lives....Hopefully. Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

November 01, 2010

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-completed- Ai was raised as the perfect lover, flexible and beautiful, after being stolen from her home in China at a young age. Now eighteen she is finally sold as a bride, shipped away to Canada. It is here she meets the fascinating Parker Phillips, a woman with a plan… Read More
~No. This is not a love story. And definitely not a Stockholm Syndrome tale. This is a story about survival. And how far you will go to escape from being a war sex slave~ WARNING: boyXboy, erotic gay sex, psychological, sadistic, rape, gory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The world is at war again.… Read More

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