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A poem written when I was but a wee lassy, still trying to figure out the world. Read More

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February 20, 2017

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I wrote an Elizabethan Sonnet in my English Composition class and wanted to share it. Read More

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I was one horny I was doing some deep cleaning and found this worn out marble notebook. I opened it and realized it was all my poems from senior year. Photo Source:mylifecaree.blogspot.com Read More
A poem that I wrote when I was younger. I just became sexually active and my hormones were a mess. I am much older now, but I can still identify with my younger self. Photo Source:http://13thfloorgrowingold.wordpress.com/page/90/ Read More
Tear drops of blood is a deathly poem about violent sex and death and sorrow, as-well as kind of a suicidal Gothic emo poem. Read More
Inspired by a timeless for to the mortal of the world this peice was added this past early winter to Chapter of Violence. Read More

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