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I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world. Angelina Jolie Read More
Oh how Daisy longed for a young stud, to satisfy her ever-growing needs... Read More
Whenever it rains, it brings a different feeling. This poem is dedicated to that feelings, that emotions which happens when it rains. Read More
She wants her night to be special. That one night is all she wants. Because the future is unseen, uncertain and unpredictable. This poem is an inspiration from someone I used to adore but never able to express. Read More
This poem is my favourite one and I really loved writing it. I hope you'll enjoy reading it too! Read More
Victor Cooper St. John is a renowned plastic surgeon who developed a breakthrough in Nanotechnology which helps regenerate skin cells faster without the evasive medical procedures that was once being used. The St. John family will take you into the Mid 21st Century and throughout the 22nd Century with continual… Read More

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A young woman eagerly awaits her master's orders... Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 16, 2019

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For some reason, the sight of a woman oiled up from head to toe is so alluring and so sexy. Seeing her body all shiny and slippery, light bouncing off every inch of skin... Is indescribable! :D Read More
We all like to be pleasured, it's an amazing feeling! But when we are with another, it's important for us not to neglect their needs and desires too. I've heard that some guys simply don't want to get stuck in, and please his woman down below. Some don't see it… Read More

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This is a short tale of two lovers and their passionate romance. This is a tale of manxboy gay romance. I hope you will like it!! please let me know your thoughts about it through comments!! I love to reply. Read More
Sophie is a simple, ordinary and shy girl who works in a company and lives a plain life. To her least expectation, her beauty has caught the attention of the chairwoman of the company she works at. Isabella Davis is a strong, confident and dominating woman. Everyone fears from her… Read More
Katie is a lesbian, a diva and a seductress. The whole university falls on her, but only one person who doesn't. Rosaline. Rosaline is a sweet, shy and innocent girl who doesn't want to attract anyone. But unfortunately, her shy and timid nature did attracted the attention of Katie. Katie… Read More
Sex is without a doubt, a powerful force within our world. These urges can be so strong and so demanding, that everything becomes fixated on sexual pleasure, of appeasing this demon within. Even though it may slither back into the depths of the darkness for a while, it'll always be… Read More

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Desires mount here... Read More
Kate shows her pet a good time. Read More

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Oh what joy come forth, when I rub, tug and pump my flaccid friend. The rush and excitement, the experience, the grand finale... Ahhhh! Read More

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March 01, 2018

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Tags: dark, pleasure, eyes

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Courtney gets something from her boyfriend Jeremy, but there's a debt to pay. Read More
let me lose myself in you.. Read More
Benawriter offered a challenge/contest for the fair ladies of BS to discover their ways to go about fellatio if given complete control to do whatever they wish. As this is a subject of much interest to me, and I love challenges, I could not pass up the opportunity to participate.… Read More

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