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They met in a bar and went back to his house for a little fun. Let the games begin... Read More

Tags: sex, games, couple, bar, playful

Her lover warms her up after braving the cold outside. Read More
Fiona Cruz, an attractive teenage girl that is explicitly an ideal girl to be dated with suddenly bumped into a guy, named Dwayne Langley. He is a good looking womanizer guy that has placed his eyes to Fiona and has planned to have her as one of her toys. But… Read More
Okay. So this is a CLASSY sensual erotic love story that only gets hotter as the rough roads that these guys face unwinds. The sensuality is based not just on the sexual nature but the complexities of these guys love for each other. This will tease the hell out of… Read More
:3 I hope you enjoy heehee Read More
Rachel knew there were rules about no sex on the first date, but something about Michael made her hand immediately go to her pussy, she had to have him. Read More

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