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Kimberly McArthur, born September 16, 1962 in Fort Worth, Texas, was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its January 1982 issue. Her petite 5'3" frame displayed a curvaceous 37-22-34 figure that drove men and women wild with desire. In this story she joins 20 Playmates who stretch their muscles… Read More
A man living with his wife in a new house encounters the spirit of the late Cassandra Lynn while taking a shower. Read More
An office worker who is unable to sleep goes online and sees photos of a Playboy Playmate who suddenly appears in his living room. Read More
A man sits on a kitchen counter and eating breakfast with no clothes on...and that's only the half of it. Read More
Alone in her own basement,Playboy Playmate Janine Habeck attempts to teach her pet a new trick. Read More
As a result of watching his friends fail time after time to get a female werewolf on film,a suddenly depressed teen leaves the campsite and discovers a girl bathing in a brook.But is she human? Read More
After he realizes what the local doctor had done to his sister,the author of this story buys a magic potion from a gypsy lady and uses it to change the male doctor into a woman. Read More
After she goes to sleep in her quarters,some mysterious force makes Deanna get out of bed,step inside a holodeck and witness Will having hot sex with Stephanie Larimore. Read More
After he says 'goodbye' to his family and moves himself to New York City,Charlie meets his new neighbor,who finds what he is hiding in his bedroom closet. Read More
A heartless college jock goes to sleep in his dorm room,only to be woken up by a party in his honor which includes a guest who is there for something else. Read More
After he finally finishes work on an essay and opens a Playboy Magazine,a college student suddenly finds himself in the dorm bathroom and Kelly Carrington is in there with only a tee shirt on. Read More
After he had buried his wife and son,Tempest swims around the oceans of the world and finds himself at the California beach house of a Playboy Playmate named Cher Butler,who does resemble a striking resemblance to Dolphin. Read More

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