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Character images, stock photos and images of those used for the characters. NOT OF THE ACTUAL PEOPLE Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

All it took was a camera, a bed, and love. Read More
Choose your favorite angel/demon/succubus/incubus picture and leave a comment with the picture # and the category, either BOYS or GIRLS, and the top 2 most favorites will be used in a story. Read More
Looking: allowed Using for a story: ASK FIRST!!! Read More

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One Picture can change a night. Scenes may become more graphic as the story continues. First time writing with sex, I hope it turns out okay. Read More
It's only two pictures. Lucas and Saphira. I will add more but for now, this is all I could find. Read More
If anybody is wondering what Jameson and Zach looks like...well here ya go! And with the magic of a baby generator website, we can see what Valerie will look like! Read More
Alina means alone in dutch but only a man with a fiery name knows. Aiden saves Alina in more ways than one. Together they are the Roller Coaster Couple Read More
just pictures that i find interesting Read More

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