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Preston just can't win when it comes to what his mean girl tormentors, a couple of sissy classmates, and the boys from the wrong part of town have cooked up for him. Can he finally admit that he almost enjoys it? This is the last installment ... readers will have… Read More
Preston's humiliating day is finally over, but not before some severe public humiliation and an appearance onstage in his underwear and sissy petticoat in front of some of his worst rivals. He learns that his future is not going to brighten at all, thanks to the mean girls controlling him! Read More
Preston falls into the clutches of a gang who rob and strip him, escapes in his underwear chased by a mob, and ends up in even worse trouble than before. Of course those mean girls at at the bottom of it! Read More
A conspiracy of stern adults and mean schoolmates decide that petticoat punishment should become a lifestyle for former bully Preston. He even becomes a straight-A student. Does that make up for going to the library wearing a frilly little dress? Read More
Unruly bully at a teenage birthday party gets his comeuppance in petticoat humiliation for the amusement of all his friends… and then sissy blackmail! Read More

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