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sexual pleasure at the end of this story and warning about war is mad and escape it for safety Read More
I start a new life with a handicapped boy whom I adopted after finding him, abandoned, on the beach. His beauty and the peace of mind he gives me is so rewarding I never mind taking care of him. But one day, I find him having sex with my helper. Read More
A short article on my point of view of the effects of media on children and the future of our youth. Read More
Okay. So this is a CLASSY sensual erotic love story that only gets hotter as the rough roads that these guys face unwinds. The sensuality is based not just on the sexual nature but the complexities of these guys love for each other. This will tease the hell out of… Read More
It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside. That is, until a surprise visitor shows up. Read More
On a fateful night, Adam picks up Sam - a mysterious young hitchhiker who instantly steals his heart. But the closer Adam tries to get to Sam, the more Sam pulls away. Adam is convinced Sam is falling in love with him as well, but something is forcing him to… Read More
A tale of an old warrior seeking to atone for his past sins, of a young slave seeking freedom and purpose, and of a young girl seeking love and protection in a harsh, cruel world ... Read More
why why why why why did she die? why the old lady die why the old girl cry why she sigh... why why why why . why she cry why she die .. can she fly ..will she die in the sky... why the old gal die why she cry… Read More

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July 10, 2008

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Another of my nature poems I wrote late last night. Hope everyone enjoys. Ps. Comment plz and check out the music too. Peace Sb Read More
During the second age of war, when the mighty Ne'chehhet empire set out to make war upon the Cho'nieb people in the south in order to punish them for the wrongs which they committed against the Bonku'eb people, subjects of the empire, a timeless drama did then unfold. A little… Read More

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