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Help to shower from a Nurse. Read More

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Siliva pays Dr. Fred Tomkins a podiatrist an another visit, she claims to still be experiencing pain in her foot, but is she really there for plantar fascitis or is it to punish the naughty doctor. Read More
'I could feel her staring at me intently, ignoring my patient notes which she held in her hands. Dr Woods voice droned on in the background, something about ‘another attempt’ and ‘extending the section for another 24 hours’ I wasn’t listening properly my mind was still clouded from the sedatives… Read More
Dr.Alexander has the cure for any of his female clients sex related problems. See how he accomplish everyone of them. Read More
Dr. Alfred Wayes Harden does his usual check-up on a patient and discovers that she has not been doing her exercises well enough to give her Master the full pleasure. Read More

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