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Sam Jones,going as a professor of astronomy in Dehradun University, India thought that teaching is the only thing left in his life but destiny had something else planned for him. Follow him as he tells you how a journey to a temple changed his life... Read More
Love realted and explained through nature Read More

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The Contemporary erotica House

I received by mistake a dirty letter from Mr. Smith. At that moment, I didn't know that that letter will change my character forever. After I replied to this letter and agreeing to attend the mysterious party at his residence, my unearthly adventure began. For the first time in my… Read More
This is my first poem and I figured that I should at least try to make one, haha. This poem is about a young woman who shares her experiences about her husband what their love means to her. Read More
This is based on a real memoir. . . The highly erotic chronicles of a sheltered woman desperately yearning to be free from her highly restricted way of life. She was raised in a religious household with a strict preacher for a father and a religious zealot of a mother… Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

February 23, 2016

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Follow your heart.... Read More

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Remembering a rather adorable Receptionist in a Spanish Hotel. Thanks for popping by X Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

An ode between Megan (Megalips) and myself. Read More

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If I had a Master. These are the things that I would want him to know.. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

My boss, Mr. King, is going through a rough patch. And I feel it is my duty to make him feel better. My job may be on the line... (I'm thinking of turning this into a novel, this is the test run.Let me know if you think I should!) Read More

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