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A few words about lust Read More
Beth is a young teacher who has an addiction. She doesn't know she has the addiction until that first kiss in the book store. And from then on she cannot help herself. Read More

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Thane Wolfe, known as "The Prince" in some circles, is a man of great wealth and respect in his city, but it does not come without steep costs. Like his father before him, Thane considers his seat of power his legacy and one, which he will fight to retain by… Read More

Poem / General Erotica

February 11, 2021

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

It’s an passionate affair they just want to fuck... Read More

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After a long day at work Michael comes home and tries to not disturb his Chelsea. She is more than happy to wake up as he returns and enjoys being close with him. Read More
Casi has been unwell and Brad is nothing but caring. This leads Casi to make a move once she is feeling a little better and their love is expressed. Read More

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Two lovers re-enact the passion and revelation of their first meeting Read More

Book / Adult Romance

October 03, 2020

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Anna is the kind of girl who doesn't break the rules, but when she's confronted by the sexy stranger at her father's church all of the rules go out of the window. A one off passionate encounter is all it's meant to be, but when their paths cross a second… Read More
I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world. Angelina Jolie Read More

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