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In this story a man dreams about having sex with his Mistress only to wake up in the middle to find its actually his wife Read More

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Ky is a very sexually frustrated female that needs to let off some much needed steam...... Will her best friend and business partner Ashton Stone come through for her........? Read More
Sophie waited anxiously for Robby to come home, she had something to say to him Read More
The following entry is an except from LaTia Stronghold. Anger stirs in her as she wonders what is going between Travis and Afrika Jones Read More
Ashley is a college student, female and 100% human. But she's not just any human. She is a human blood donor. As in, only her blood can satisfy any vampire's thirst and they won't need to drink from other vampires. She acts as an emergency nurse for her clan, The… Read More
Tilting her head back, she looked into his blue eyes, thinking she'd never had a male here, in this bedroom. Read More

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