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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Dealing with the stress and grief of life Harley finds herself in a bar late one night, when she finally decides to go home instead of diving into an old habit she is met with Philip. A man beautiful enough to have just stepped off the cover of GQ. After… Read More
After years of poverty, heartbreak, loss and betrayal, Tomas enters Annalise's world and shatters the iron casing she's erected around her heart. Tomas is kind, intelligent, romantic and handsome, but he's also her husband's brother! Read More
A troubled young man comes to know the step mother in his life and learns a valuable lesson of a mothers love and that carries him on through life. Read More
in 1966 Lana-Adrian is a very rebellious teen finding her way until she meets Frank a rebel too. She hates her mom's strict rules and runs away but soon learns the guys she has been crushed on was holding a secret and questions every thing. Read More
Adriana Campbell is a virgin and is in love with her best friend the notorious Dean but has never revealed this secret to any what will she do when she finds out he is attracted to her,but only wants to have a friends with benefit relationship ? will she say… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FINISHED)Twenty year old Tiffany Causby is young and innocent and ready to party and experiment after high school. Siddy her best friend then introduce her to 28 year old Dylan Johnston who is hot and interesting but too old for her. Tiffany doesn't care about the age, the attraction between… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FINISHED) -Sequel to "You're Mine Now- Jennifer Harris is twenty-two, a med school drop-out and enjoys her job as a CNA at a Miami nursing home. As when she thinks her life is getting slightly boring, a new face shows up at her work place. TJ Morris is a very… Read More
This is about two friends Sandra Parker and Cindy Barnett who get kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Cindy is bought by Jonathan Champion. But he isn’t you typical buyer. He believes in love and he finds it in unexpected places. You see he falls for Cindy but does she… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Keri and Mat was the perfect couple in middle school. Everyone thought they were so cute together and thought they were going to be together forever. Mat and Keri thought so too. That is until Mat's mom job was relocated back to their hometown to England away from California. They… Read More
This story takes place in an alternate reality about 30 years in the future. A chemical plant accident has killed all traditional foodstuffs, and left the human race with far more females than males. The solution to the food problem is a monthly draw from eligible females to decide who… Read More
This follows on from The date trilogy 1 & 2. It will mkae no sense if you have not read them first. It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit -… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

How far can one go for the one they love? Mollie Regan has gone as far as she can. She was just like any other teenage girl until she met the reclusive Adam at a party. Needless to say, she fell madly in love with him. Since then, she had… Read More

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"Wow....this This story is unbelievable. This is some of the most greatest writing I've read on here. I love how you go into great de..." Read More

Afterthe lose of a baby, family bring this married couple back to where life is most important....LOVE. Read More
This is the story of a young man names Julian who finds himself between a rock and a hard place. This story chronicles his struggle to recover from the economic downturn, bills, life and eventually death, This story is fast paced and written to keep you on your toes untill… Read More

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