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THE GIFT is the beginning of Supernatural Series 9. Attending a Bible study on the book of Job, this woman will obtain first-hand knowledge about the power of Satan. Before the last chime at midnight, she will encounter the insidious creature. Will she survive the next 24 hours? Will an… Read More

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You would think that being rich and having the possibilities to make your life exactly how you want it to be would make it all easy, don't you? But guess what? Your life can totally change in a moment's notice with a devastating news or a bad decision taken at… Read More
This paranormal romance novel is the epic love between a vampire and a not so human human. They find themselves lost in their romance to only learn that their past histories are somehow related. A battle of species commence but will their love be strong enough to overcome it all? Read More

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July 01, 2013

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From a top YA author writing under an assumed name comes this highly-charged and thrilling new fantasy romance series for adults only... Bounty Hunter Ariel McQueen has just a few days to find and capture a lowlife vampire, claim her reward and pay off a debt. Being fifty percent demon… Read More
"In the old Religion of the first ancient realm it is written into the stars that when the Divine ascends, the Darkness shall rise. But if the Divine is offered to the Gods of all realms as a sacrifice for the greater good, then the Darkness shall remain at bay.… Read More
Elizabeth Jacobson has been a vampire assassin for over fifty years. She will kill humans and vampires if the price is right; but this time the target might be more than she originally bargained for. Read More
Thank you for taking time to check out my first book. As it is my frist attempt at novel writing, please leave constructive criticism, so that i may edit and improve the story. Paranormal Romance novel chapter one. Manya is in her early thirties when her life is altered on… Read More
Being a night hunteress in New Orleans is as hard as it sounds for young and sexy Claire Coen. She is requested for a meeting by her childhood friend, Bell Rivers for an unexplainable reason. Turns out, vampires have been causing murders all around Bell's bar, The Electric Chapel. Now,… Read More

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