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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Why? Some girls do, some girls don't. Do you know how to get your girl to relax enough to let her inhibitions out? Read More
A man's secret fantasy gets found out by his wife Read More
Her lover visits. Her in her office. Read More
Two horny wives (also neighbors) draw up a cheating contract, their family (and victims) being unaware of their dirty plotting. Read More
A new experience, smell is a kinky but very primal thing. Read More
Nature vs Nurture; how much of one's sexuality comes from within and how much is influenced by external experiences? Read More
When I travel I keep a diary of weird and wonderful things I come across, things that pique my interest and imagination . . . Read More
The windmills of my mind - random blog posts Read More
My first ever orgasm was in the back seat of may parents' car; riding in cars has made me horny ever since! Read More
Have you ever had one of those moments when you wish that the ground would open up and swallow you? Inevitably, mine involved knickers in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wouldn't think twice about it today; but at eighteen . . . Read More
'A penny for your thoughts', my Gran used to say when she saw me gazing distractedly into the distance. If only she knew . . . Read More
They say 'clothes maketh the man', or in this case, woman. Only often, it's as much about the items that are missing . . . Read More
A girl recalls her first sexual experience with her sister's boyfriend Read More
A little rhyme about looking up a skirt and the teasing effect. Read More
Two people meet and chat on internet woman find out man has big cock and wants to meet. She calls a friend for help and they both have fun. Read More

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Siliva pays Dr. Fred Tomkins a podiatrist an another visit, she claims to still be experiencing pain in her foot, but is she really there for plantar fascitis or is it to punish the naughty doctor. Read More
Our sex life is enlivened after a secret is revealed. Read More
Tilly and Elsie are twins celebrating their 18th birthday with a bit of naughty fun Read More
This is an interactive experiment. I will start the scene and read proposed additions from other writers. The idea is to build an unscripted story line that hopefully will be enjoyable to all. Are you game? Read More
I am sitting at my desk in our home office. I hear a little tap on the door frame. "Mr Headmaster, Sir."..... Read More

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October 27, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A favorite poem of mine. A scenario of a woman teasing her man by wearing nothing but panties. She tries to play a game, but in the end surrenders to him. Read More
Amy is an archaeologist in a Mid-Eastern country. She goes into this hotel, hoping to get a good night's sleep. But she is about to be woken up by a pleasant stranger who went into the dark room expecting his wife. She gets fucked hard, and loves it in this… Read More
My first solo hot cam show to the hottest cam show with the man I was going to get married. (18 + ONLY) Read More
It's time for another "Thong Game" to be played at the "Sunsets" resort in Palm Springs, CA but this one is quite unlike anything else that has been played before. At 5pm, all guests of the "Sunsets" resort must wear their clothes from head to toe, to try and discover… Read More
"Diving in he spread her folds open with his tongue and pushed it around until finding her clit. The feeling sent a shock of static electricity shooting through her pussy that raced up and down her whole body. Opening her eyes she stared into the mirror and watched Steve sucking… Read More
Series of stories about a long-term-relationship. See the first Act in: The Marriage Chronicles - Act I. Read More

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