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Patrick Nolan was an artist and a pretty good one at that. His latest inspiration was a series of female nudes and his current project was going to be a woman reclining in bed. He called the Agency where he usually got his models. And they were suppose to send… Read More
Anxiety; It fills us up, befuddles the mind. Most of us deal with it the usual way, knowing it is our body’s way of saying that you are stressed and need to make some adjustments to maintain homeostasis. Others, particularly artists including Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh, instead channel… Read More
Claire and Ed are just doing some DIY painting when claires sexualness takes over. Read More

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Having just finished his time at college, with his best friend Derek's persuasion, the two end up going on a vacation for the summer before leaving the states for work. Heading out to a remote, nature filled area for their vacation, after a chance - and lucky - encounter with… Read More
When I touch the portrait of Lise, it feels as if my beloved is standing right before me, looking into my eyes. A sudden bolt of air pushes me to the ground and it takes me a few moments to regain my strength. When I stand up and look at… Read More
A man is seduced by his boss, at the office, and they begin a hot and heavy romance at a company picnic where he finds that she is a wild animal. He paints on the side as if it were his main source of income. He gets her back to… Read More
An office affair starts between a man's boss and him. She's wild and brings the painter inspiration that he can not let go of. Read More
Amy sees the same guy eveywhere she goes. When she forgets to bring in a model for her naked piece for art class she is amazed to find Leo is willing to help her out. As things progress Amy and Leos relationship becomes quite heated. Read More

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Kay is about to paint a perfect picture for her new poject, with the help of her nude model Amanda. :) Enjoy! Read More
A digital book of nude paintings. This book is strictly not for Children and other legally under-aged persons. Download from . Parents are advised not to keep this book where children can access it. This digital book should not be used or opened in locations where viewing of nudity… Read More

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