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A surprise welcome home. Read More
The first in an eagerly anticipated line of erotic adventures featuring the heroine legend of the wild and barbaric lands. As the one and only self proclaimed Lady Barbarian, Aeyla finds herself having to seduce and distract a King, even as she carries out his murder. All at the request… Read More
A mind control artist has fun as he pulls a bank job. He robbed employees of their control Read More
THree friends spend a night in. They end up in and on each other Read More

Tags: threesome, anal, oral

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The Contemporary erotica House

Deb gets a rather nice surprise from Grant, her boss and owner of the company she works for. After a few intense sexual encounters in the past, can their mutual attraction lead to something more? Read More

Featured Review by Trixie

"Can’t believe I haven’t read all your stories. Has this one been hiding? Great post, I love that Grant is honest and Deb just needs to accep..." Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Joey is frustrated by his ex-wife yet again, but his neighbor knows just how to help him blow off some steam. Read More
A girlfriend, suspecting her man of cheating, is convinced to give her man a "Hall pass" by a stranger. And does it get hot Read More
Emma and James never thought their friendship would become sexual but now she can't imagine it any other way. Please comment and let me know what you think. Read More

Tags: friends, alone, oral

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The Contemporary erotica House

A minister has a warm up session before delivering awesome sermons to his congregation. We all could use this kind of warm up before big presentations and performances. Read More
Another female friend sends me a fantasy. This is a Christmas fantasy that Mikla sent me some years ago. Read More

Tags: sex, adult, oral, bbw

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The Contemporary erotica House

Sharon's story of how she did the nasty with a guy she met at her friend's party Read More

Tags: anal, stranger, oral

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The Contemporary erotica House

A young man gets clowned while going to visit his girl. He never makes it to her loft. Read More
Inspired by Benawriter at his suggestion. Hope you all like and will comment to let me know your thoughts--AMY.:) Read More
A fun little summer afternoon inspired by Benawriter. Here's part one. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. --Amy :) Read More

Tags: lust, tease, oral, mingolf

A young college couple take wet sex to a new high for them with outside action. Read More
A young man is introduced to pussy via his natural oral skills Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Hubie, the CPA, meets the most amazing new client and he does his best to give her world class customer 'service'. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Lily has been recieiving flirtatious texts from a mystery man but will she find out who it is and will she like who it is. Read More
Claire and Ed are just doing some DIY painting when claires sexualness takes over. Read More

Tags: shower, oral, painting, cum

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The Contemporary erotica House

I received by mistake a dirty letter from Mr. Smith. At that moment, I didn't know that that letter will change my character forever. After I replied to this letter and agreeing to attend the mysterious party at his residence, my unearthly adventure began. For the first time in my… Read More
While hanging off the back of the boat Emily and Sam give each other oral sex Read More

Tags: oral, mf-sex

Oliver Blake has it all. Beautiful home, doting wife, lovely children, everything one can hope for when picturing their storybook life. But there's more to it, the bumps that don't get printed in fairytales and Oliver soon finds out the hard way. Temptation is impossible to ignore when it comes… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When Mark takes his wife Vicky on a romantic weekend break to a log cabin, she's surprised- and delighted to find that he's asked his friend Robert to join them for a threesome. Her ultimate fantasy. Read More

Tags: anal, oral, mmf-sex

just a saucy little poem i randomly came up with one day Read More

Tags: head, couple, oral

Remembering a lecturer coming back to my student halls... Read More
While the cats away... girls will play Read More
Being a partner in a law firm had it's ups and downs and today definitely had it's share of both. Read More

Poem / General Erotica

February 27, 2016

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Cunt in front of him so his tongue goes to work Read More

Tags: tongue, oral, clit, cunt

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