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This is a short story about a very humorous sexual event that occurred in my life at the age of 18 based on a true story. Read More
He wakes up alone with just reminders and a memory of the night before. Not my usual rude rhyming style. Read More
This is the true story of my life right now. I really don't know what else to tell you except that, as difficult as this is to believe, this has actually happened to me. This is my life. If I had to sum it up in one word: strange. Read More
Something I wrote when I was feeling a little down a while ago. Probably crap, but it meant something at the time. Read More
To Angela, for inspiration to write about our one night stand, sorry for the sore pelvis and leaving way passed seven. Read More
There are haunting crimes in the dark that vanish in the light of day And sad songs humming in the silence of afternoon And the burgeoning shadows grow fat with night Too late to care; time knows to give us what we want And sloe-eyed spinsters, seek the soprano of… Read More

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"Gina decides to have some mid day fun...until she's caught by her boyfriend's roommate" Read More
Jenny Jinx, is fed up of being used and abused and is heading for the single life... or is she? Read More

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