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Rock music playing in the background, people dinking and having fun. And me? I'm ushered away to the sauna by a beautiful girl who wants to play naughty. And play naughty we will. Read More

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Bars...and the places they lead to Read More

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"Your words strike me as sad. Unrequited throwaway love. I feel for you. I hope I am wrong and it was just as you wished it to be." Read More

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Discovering the difference between a one night stand and a respectful relationship takes on a whole new meaning when Andrea finds out she's pregnant and the biological father is questionable. Hope you enjoy! Read More
Out of town on business. A simple smile and eye contact lead to a hot encounter. Read More
Natasha is in her local bar one night when she bumps into her ex's Dad. He offers her a ride home and they find themselves in her bed. Read More

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The morning after. Read More
Officer Kalpen hasn't gotten laid in six years and her first one night stand to break the chain didn't happen in the most normal situation. Though that doesn't matter so much, it's her partner's secret that gets to her the most. Read More
Uncertainty the morning after the night before... Read More

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An early morning walk home wearing the smile of a girl that knew how to live but no knickers... Read More

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