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A disagreement between a teacher and a parent leads to a confrontation between two women that can only be solved by sexual combat. Read More
There are many types of fetishes, but i think that the most common one is the foot fetish. Read More

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This starting out as a simple thought about the past, a memory of a past love, a time of reflection of enjoyment, to be fair I had no intention of anyone but me being able to see it, but it kind of grew much bigger and more intense that I… Read More
This is a re-working of a story i posted on here called "A Sub's Mistress" it still revolves around the light aspect of BDSM but having returned to lesbian erotica genere. Its also the first writing i have published for quite some time, as the ability to construct something has… Read More
The story of a office worker who is enchanted by her co-worker and the daydreams she has regarding her. this is a short basic opening chapter, depending on any feedback,all characters and story will be more fleshed out in time Read More

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