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A story about a girl I met while taking my EMT training course in New York... Read More
Story about how I fucked a friend's girl while he had no clue at all... Read More
The escapades of a New York City young man picking up women and being picked up by women. Young black male tells this tales of scoring tail... Read More

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Book / Adult Romance

September 21, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This is now on Amazon and Kindle for purchase. Due to rules, I can only offer a %10 sample, so here it is; NAMASTE. Wanna see what happens when you put: New York City, Romance, Teen Girls, Rock Musicians, Rock Bands, Recording Studio, Guitars, 90’s Grunge, Hot Tub, Sex, Murder.… Read More
Elizabeth is going for her dream; practicing her ass off. She gets involved with a guy, her mother and father have responses that are abnormal. Read More

Tags: romance, music, teen, nj, nyc

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