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Here is a story about a girl named Alex who finally got a chance at a dream; a record deal. She had not expected to find herself face to face with a man that was every unimaginable wet dream she every had. Carlos had disrupt her world and morphed it… Read More
Three women race to the moonlight casino wanting to be the first to solve the centuries old mystery that made the casino famous and get the 10,000$ prize! What they didn't know was they would come face to face with handsome, sex-starved vampires, werewolves and re-animated corpses. Read More
An erotic-horror novel about Dr. Daniel Newman, a man obsessed with becoming the most famous limb replacement surgeon in the world, he even practices by replacing his girlfriend, Jessica's beautiful and supple body parts with those from long-dead cadavers. Only one cadaver, a dead hooker named Sugar decides from the… Read More

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