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Competition can be a beautiful thing. Read More
The next command: "Date Night" at the dance club. Trading spouses for an evening of sexy flirting, Angelina turns up the heat, and Julia embraces her wild side. Read More
The game continues, as Angelina prepares her shy sister Julia for a sexy night at the club. Read More
Competition breeds...? (Note: Because the ending of this chapter got cut off, I'm reposting this one in its entirety.) Read More
Angelina takes them all the way. (Note: Because this chapter kept getting cut off at the end, I'm reposting it in two parts. The missing section should now be here.) Read More
Angelina's sexy day at the swap meet. (Note: Since this chapter keeps getting cut off at the end, I'm reposting it in two parts.) Read More
Come the next morning, Angelina was gorgeous in bed. Read More
This is a completely true story. I am such a naughty boy! Read More
Although sometimes I can't believe it myself, this story is completely true! I still get excited when i think about this experience. I hope you like it! Read More
Rocco Messina is not your typical kind of guy. He’s a fighter who had to fight to get what he wants. After a vicious beating he sustained in an underground fight club, he seeks out help. The help he needs comes from a woman who is willing to coach him… Read More

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