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A woman awakens in her bed, on her stomach, to being ravaged. She squirms and wiggles, but can't move or get away. Who is this man who has taken such liberties with her? The answer will surprise you. Read More
Sandy carried a knife to feel safer when she was out. But sometimes your best friend can become your worst enemy. Read More
Anna was always such a good little girl, but when a strange man kidnaps her and keeps her as his sex slave, can she accept the slut in her heart … and in her pussy? Tags: love sex kissing romance porn orgasm masturbation heterosexual ejaculation female-ejaculation squirting bondage submission creampie… Read More
Deanne contacted me and asked me to put one of her dark fantasies into words for her. This is the result. M+F/Non-Consent/Bondage Read More
Natalia was laid on the bed her business suit, blouse, bra and panties missing, now totally naked she was aware of the men looking at her body, their lust filled eyes devouring her as they approached the bed. Read More
A geek Chinese and a beautiful blonde and the allure of what is different to oneself. Read More

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