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The woman’s face and body were full of blush as if she’d just enjoyed a strenuous bout of rampant sex. Read More

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"Whatever is Michelle going to do about Callus? He has seen everything. And why did she kill her husband? What is this orb floating over the t..." Read More

Book / Adult Romance

July 24, 2021

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

As it's so hot, humid, sultry, and steamy - hot tub! Read More

Tags: love, hot, night, tub, radio

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"God, you are an exciting writer and more. Xxx" Read More

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She was having that dream again. Her wet dream. The dream where she was spread-eagled on the crumpled sheet. Read More

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"Who said I'm just advertising to men, HJ?" Read More

Paraplegic, Jelly Baby. Violated. Soft-centred. Imploding. Mae’s Jelly Baby. Jelly Man. Read More

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"Here's something I need - a genie butcher and cook who does laundry on the side. That tongue thing; that smothering tongue. What a way to go. ..." Read More

Parasites, symbiotic parasites. Dependents. Succulents. Tantalising. Entities. Silhouettes. Coupled, entwined, clamped to each other in an excruciating, cramped recess: a tight fit! Read More

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"And now we come to a spider injecting venom, she paralyzes him. Wow, she ate her parents? Goodness. Those early days, barbecues in ..." Read More

Acquaintances, casual acquaintances. Vermin. Sniffing each other out. Her body sheened, glossy with perspiration. His torso, fresh meat, basted, dripping, in stinking, stale sweat. Searching for intimacy, satiation, gratification, repletion, then rest, in the stultifying heat, ‘Mae.’ Read More

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"Is there another story brewing or are we to use our imagination about the final events before dinner? I was looking forward to the turret attac..." Read More

Mae smiled for the camera, candid camera, then mooned. Read More

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"She's a lesson in seduction isn't she? And poor Nick just left all his belongings on the train, mesmerized by her feminine persuasion. He has ..." Read More

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Blue moon. A creature of the night. Paleskin dreams. The girl on everyone’s lips. His lips, ‘Mae.’ Read More

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"I was captivated with the erotic simplicity of this story. I say that you are a descendant of the great Alfred Hitchcock. You build suspense a..." Read More

She wants her night to be special. That one night is all she wants. Because the future is unseen, uncertain and unpredictable. This poem is an inspiration from someone I used to adore but never able to express. Read More

Book / Erotic Horror

January 30, 2018

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story about Supernaturalpower existing in the House. Read More

Tags: dark, night, ghost

An art gallery,a vernissage,a woman on the prowl. Read More

Tags: art, night, fling

When your lover hides in the dark of the night. Read More

Tags: sex, night, car, garage, hard

My Previous pic was Deemed a bit too much and sent a wrong message ....Happy to comply with the rules . Hope you Ladies liked it while it was there ...XO Eadigoo The NEW Title pic is Newgrange Passage Tomb in Meat , Ireland....a really Magical place...about 7,000 years old.… Read More

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The Room 501 House

Tags: night, horny, club, pussy, slut

They stopped at a desert hotel to escape the heat and found another kind of heat. . . Read More

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A one night stand Tara will never forget. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 10, 2015

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Just a little thing I wrote about meaningless sex. Read More

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Samantha is staying the night at an Hotel. She asks room service for a bottle of champagne and Lobster Read More
Elle meets Josh at her friends for dinner and when he drives her home later she invites him in for coffee. Coffee turns to passionate kissing which then leads to a quick ride. Read More
Joan is still awake and horny after a passionate night with Tom. Warning: Gts fetish. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Miss Dinah is very sexual, she's a writer, and an underground dominatrix, when she comes across Heath, drugged out drinker of the nightlife, she struggles between what it means to be dominated and being the dominator. The two engage in a very hot power play, and just when it gets… Read More
With her family history of Alzheimer's and at great risk of acquiring the disease, Brandy Curtis always plays safe. She had always avoided commitments like the plague. Ivo Ferrero who was burned out from a string of failed relationships became a ferocious womanizer just to get what he wants out… Read More
A girl and her guy best friend have a totally awesome movie night Read More
A poem about my dream night with my loved one! Read More
Scarlot cant get over her ex Alexis. They have become good friends putting the past of there break up behind them. When they get alone will she tell her ex her sexual frustrations. Or will her ex give in or will she think about her know girlfriend. Read More
A man and woman's night takes toll. Read More

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