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Chapter One, where we meet Wren Coffey and her dour cat Schopenhauer. Read More
Since she is staying home and missing a party due to a head cold,Samantha Jones goes right to sleep in her recliner and wakes up with a young and handsome stranger in Cancun. Read More
After an angry God strips a defiant angel of her wings and halo and banishes her to Earth,she is discovered by a handsome college student who decides to let her stay at his place. Read More
After he says 'goodbye' to his family and moves himself to New York City,Charlie meets his new neighbor,who finds what he is hiding in his bedroom closet. Read More
Perhaps I will tell you later how I get myself into playing his game: Sunday sex and lots of it. Certainly, I never thought I would eventually be a sexual woman, but all that has changed, especially over the course of Sundays. Read More

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