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Noel Harley has a penchant for talking his way out of anything. His advice column on relationships is the "must-read" section of Indulge Magazine. Being anonymous was the best part of writing an advice column. He could write as many fiction stories as he wanted, and the entirety of Manhattan… Read More

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Lay’Luna Artesia Wockivoi, a New York prominent attorney. A woman on a mission to seduce and steal the heart of Tristano Giordano the III. Tristano Giordano the III, a New York CFO of Giordano Accounting Firm encounters Lay’Luna presence. Both share a night of wicked passion under a slew of… Read More
A New York advertising agency searched internationally to find a good-looking female with perceived star qualities to project magnificently to attract new clients. A young woman from rural England without marketing and advertising credientials is selected for this novel promotional initiative that hopefully will boost the agency's earnings and prestige.… Read More

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She wanted to get laid that night to get her mind off her ex-boyfriend. She took a taxi down town and ended up having sex with a stranger. Well, how hard could that be in 1985 in New York? What she did not expect was the story she heard that… Read More

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February 19, 2016

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"Stop it Kat.. man, stop it, please. I don't love you anymore!" In those words spoken to her by Giovanni (Gio), Ekaterina feels a cold needle pierce her heart, filling herself with a numbing pain. The seasons have gone from Summer to Winter throughout the time they spent together, and… Read More

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