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Kiba and Naruto are secret lovers after their last story. They have a little tiff to begin with but can't bear to be apart and it isn't long before they fall into each other's arms again. Having woken Kiba up, Naruto prepares his lover for the longest night of his… Read More
It's a little strange how they always found their way back into each other's arms... NaruSasu Read More

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Naruto feels disconnected with Sasuke Uchiha after some misunderstandings, and ends up in the arms of a certain red-head, Gaara, but will he ever forget the Uchiha? GaaNaru, and slight SasuNaru. WARNING: The origin of this story is with the main pairing being NaruSasu, but I am only posting the… Read More
A blond that was incapable of feeling anything for someone and an Uchiha that believed love wasn't meant for him. What will hapen when their paths cross? Read More

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A blond that wasn't able to feel love for anyone, gets to open up his heart to a non-believer in love. ----This is the second chapter of IE. I fix everything later. Just bare with me.---- Read More
Naruto and his friends are seniors going on the trip of a lifetime to Ireland during the summer for a month. What could happen during the month in a foreign country? Romance will blossom for the students and havoc will reign for the poor chaperones! rated X for future content! Read More

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Sasu/Naru. Naruto was just a booty call, longing to be something more. But will Naruto's wishes come true after yet another drunken night of passion with the Uchiha. Will he ever get the courage to tell him he's always loved him? Rated ADULT for Yaoi, Gay sex, Lemon, Boy love Read More
Shikamaru shows up drunk late one night at Jesshika’s door yelling confessions of what? And what about Temari? Read More

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This is only yaoi/ boyxboy. So if you don't like it don't read it. It's NaruSasu which means that Naruto is the seme and Sasuke is the uke. Enjoy!! Read More
Naruto and Hinata are on a mission together to bring back an artifact, when attacked by some ninjas Hinata is wounded and Naruto will have to help her one way or another, Hinata ends up confessing her true feelings to Naruto and how much she care for him, and they… Read More
Sasuke has returned and is now a member of team 7 once again, he and Naruto are dating but he’s not treating our blonde vary well. Itachi is back and has been cleared and re instated as a member of Konoha and someone has a crush on Naruto Read More
"why are you scared Sa-ku-ra? i wouldn't hurt you. I love you." Read More

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