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Eric had a hard day. His evening kept him even harder. Read More

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Book / Adult Romance

November 15, 2016

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Brooklynn (or at least that is what her call name is, no one knows her real name), she is a quiet girl, trying to make it in the world just like everyone else. But she uses her body for sexual favors, sexual night outs, or even just for extra cash… Read More
Ellen had recently turned twenty and had celebrated the birthday by moving far from home into a new and unknown town. She got herself a job and things had been going smoothly until she noticed the dark eyed stranger who seemed to watch her from the shadows. Read More
A spine chilling ghost story set in the 19th century which describes the events surrounding a mysterious and supernatural "Phantom Coach" Which collects unsuspected passengers along a dangerous journey when they accept this means of transport by mistake. During one such evening two people board the coach only to find… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Ginger decides to take a long trail that no one ever uses, or so she thinks! She can't believe what happens! Read More
A quantum leap erotic genderbender themed story about how time and space can reveal the mystery of the possibilities a person can change sex and their identity whilst time traveling through an apparent parallel universe but yet not meet themselves along the way. So as the theory goes "The same… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

An angel of death descends upon an ageing group of males in search of lusty souls to add to her quota. She seduces her prey with her enchanting sexual charm and voluptuous figure as they are aroused to indulge in the temptation of the moment until their time is nigh. Read More
A story about revenge. But should she be guilty? In statistics male-female rape only 4% of offenders went to prison. Here's one of the stories. Read More
Short erotic story tell me wht u think Read More
Looking for Kathmandu takes you on a journey to the East in search of romance, enlightenment and contact with a very different life. In the sizzling heat of the subcontinent relationships take on an altogether more intense and passionate quality as you will discover. You can read the first two… Read More
Alice knows its wrong, to stare out of her bedroom window, watching her mysterious neighbour reveal his everything, but she cant control her need. But what she doesnt realise, is he is aware of her innocent gaze, he wants more. Read More
A young woman is seduced in the office by the mysterious new female employee Read More
18 year old Andy is a college student who slowly starts to feel depressed despite his exciting lifestyle. He finds solace in the mysterious Dylan and the two boys quickly fall in love. But Dylan is not quite how he first appears and Andy soon learns how far he will… Read More
One passionate kiss in high school twenty years ago. Is there still something there? Read More

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