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The The Erotic Vampire House

Blood-sucking sex addicts. Read More
sex love honesty betrayal friendship truth wanting needing multiple orgasms oral sex attraction cravings Read More

Book / General Erotica

May 01, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A wife's sacrifice for her Husband's job made her ask for more Read More
Two girls are accused of murder and taken without anyone knowing their whereabouts to a prison where they find sex is rife! Read More
A couple of experiences of Tracy's first threesomes. Read More
The story pretty much goes when Queen of the Dark ream decided to conquer surrounding reams in a quest finding fabled realm of Light. The main character is dark Knight, her most trusted general. Read More
The continuing story of our little ginger milk maid! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tales of a young ginger milk maid working with horny males! Read More
This is a VERY adult short story about what happens when some mysterious strangers endeavor to help a woman in a wheelchair gain a more positive body image. Read More
Chloe got the night she dreamed of with Emma Read More
Leo could never find the right moment to propose to Gracie. He thinks back on his past with friend Frederick and the wild, care free years they had shared. Leo has multiple, intimate nights in the past with his friend, butlter, Parisians and dreams of making love to Gracie. He… Read More
Gary thinks she's cheating on him, so he sets up the video camera; he is shocked by what he sees; but it has it's benefits! Read More
It's a woman living with seven men, what do you think happens? And for you hardcore pervs, the sex begins about a third of the stpry down. Read More
Cassandra,from "My First Lesbian Experience" short story, turns another victim into a lesbian. Read More
Madeline has turned herself into the police after killing an officer. Things are not how they seem, however. Short monologue. Read More
Living with myself and the multiple personas I have. It's hard work sometimes. Read More

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