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The author encounters a young student on a train in Japan and decides to have some fun with him. Read More
While Overcoming intense sexual emotions from a molestation incident, the girl unknowingly offers an open invite to the same pervert. Twist and turns to Simple sessions of masturbation lead to a second assault- this time, no identity hidden. Read More

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A girl wanders into a theatre's washroom and is to molested. Find out why she begins to enjoy it. Also, why she is in for a wicked shock when she finds out the truth about her perpetrator. Read More
One of my experiences and encounters with abuse in a level 4 lock-down facility. Read More
A man has consensual sex with his daughter's under aged tutor and must in act revenge on his best friend for ruining his life by sleeping with his wife. This brings him to commit horrific acts. Very Graphic First draft. Thanks for all the reads on my other stories !!! Read More
Anna Mcfarlen is your average popular pretty girl with the perfect life. her friends family and boyfriend all adore her even though she is vvery ungrateful and selfish. One night her wildness and party girl like personality take her to far and she is changed forever. Read More
A teen boy has his first encounter with his father entering his room during the night and doing somthing he never expected. Read More
Continuous from the series Freaks Cum Out only available on . . . . Log on for more!!! Read More
Shae Matthews was raped by her father repeatedly for years, state senator Micheal Matthews, ex-marine and stock market wiz. Now that hes behind bars, shes been left with a shitload of money and head full of bad memories. Everyone knows it happens but no one really talks about it...... Molestation… Read More
A former investigative journalist well versed in analytical financial reporting and currently adrift from female companionship is recruited to gather evidence that the chairman's husband is ripping off the failing evening newspaper company. Eliot finds the chairman's daughter is an A-list babe who is between dates. They come together passionately… Read More

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