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The world has changed after 2015, a third world war broke out and the end result: modern monarchy was established. Riya is part of the Avance Kingdom, and is the personal bodyguard of her best friend and successor of the throne: Vivi. Sworn to the Avance kingdom, and sworn off… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Finished! Sarah is feeling good about her life. She has a new flat, a boss who appreciates her and no strings sex from the hottie next door. But she ought to know that when things are going this well something is bound to screw it up. Read More
In the present day, a hunter of supernatural beings stumbles upon a demonic plot that affects the lives of two powerful warlocks. An unlikely team is formed between the hunter Tony, his tech savy partner Bug and the two warlocks, Arat and Dickinson and together they all plan to uncover… Read More
A modern tale version of Rapunzel for FrootLoops fairytale contest. Violent scenes. Read More
‘Apologize, Payton!’ my father shouts. ‘Apologize, please. He’ll kill you.’ In spite of the 9mm jabbed under my chin, I look my murderer in the eye, think of all he’s put me through and say, ‘ F**k him!’ Diablo’s bushy eyebrows disappear behind his fringe of dreadlocks. ‘Senor, please forgive… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After Cara Stevens walks away from a deadly, demon-instigated car crash that should have instantly killed her, The Angel of Wrath is given the mission to hunt her down, find out what exactly she is, and deal with her accordingly. When Cara mysteriously survives the traffic accident, she finds herself… Read More
This is an autobiography of my life...I dare you to, maybe you're just scared...and rightly so. LOVE,di Come hither...dont leave me alone Read More
I have a different approach at poetry, that is assuming there is a conventional approach. I attempt at creating a picture, I want people that read my poetry to imagine a painting by a surrealist artist and interpret from there. Read More

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