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Juliet seeks the help of a stranger to advance her modeling career, but ends up getting more than she bargained for. Read More
The Barbie doll is an image which many young and older women have adopted since their childhood.It's the image to go where they think that society embraces their false looks. In reality there is an element of conformity attached to their choice of image because due to their insecurity,vanity and… Read More
Fiona Cruz, an attractive teenage girl that is explicitly an ideal girl to be dated with suddenly bumped into a guy, named Dwayne Langley. He is a good looking womanizer guy that has placed his eyes to Fiona and has planned to have her as one of her toys. But… Read More
Dawn and Paul finally make it to L.A., and Samantha entertains the boys. Read More
a freestyle of "Girls Love Beyonc√©" that I made about Sarah Fisher from Degrassi. I never knew her name or thought she was attractive until a few weeks ago, after I looked up some things I found out she is just as hot as some one else I have in… Read More
Tina is a young model who gets a gig to a lingerie photo-shoot. She models in revealing lingerie with a lot of other young models, and soon they instruct her to do (and let the other models beside her do to her) some over-the-line things to one another as they… Read More
Nara and Tara are just young models who get invited to a special photoshoot. Before they know it, they are naked with blankets, water, and a LOT of grinding against one another. Read More
A short erotic love story of an artist and his muse.. Love surpassing the boundaries of age, and ages, a hidden love where the couple were more than just friends only when they were alone, and once alone, they were man and wife in that very different life. I could… Read More
Amy sees the same guy eveywhere she goes. When she forgets to bring in a model for her naked piece for art class she is amazed to find Leo is willing to help her out. As things progress Amy and Leos relationship becomes quite heated. Read More
Caitlin Sinclair was content and enjoyed her structured life as a high powered executive, until she fell, literally into the arms of the arrogant and obnoxious Nicholas Brenthurst. The attraction between them was undeniable. Only she did not appreciate his high handed bossy manner. Like a dirty coin she found… Read More

Poem / General Erotica

June 03, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A MODEL OF RISQUE 1910. Read More

Tags: poem, man, model, photos, rusque

A mystically charismatic stranger wishes to pose for an erotic photography session; her mere presence arouses the photographer, a consummate professional who never lets the subject matter interfere with the art of photography. Read More

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