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Luke is a handsome modest young man who has been putting himself through college by taking up some modelling gigs. Surely taking a job as a magician's assistant can't be that bad right? Unfortunately for Luke, this magician has decided to make his show a little more 'entertaining' then Luke… Read More
Teddy is finally forced to appear in public at a gay club, showing off his small endowment to over a hundred men. Read More
A sequel to Master of Your Mind. Our intrepid author strives to unmask another hypnosis scam with unexpected naked consequences. Read More
Ethan has an unusual talent. No one knows he has it, and he had better keep it that way! Read More
My first story, about a crush, mind control, and plentiful orgasms. Read More
What if Draco Malfoy became a strong, powerful wizard in his own right, a wizard with a taste for hot young witches? Read More
A mind control artist has fun as he pulls a bank job. He robbed employees of their control Read More

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