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Depression affects 1 in 3 people throughout their life.It can be controlled with the right medication and the love of a supporting family.Nobody really appreciates the real desperation and helpless that afflicts the victim of this menacing psychological illness.Unfortunately for me I am affected by anxiety and depression which is… Read More
Reformatted compilation of my three-part short story with all three parts together in one submission. The story is an adventure following a Templar knight, Guy, who rescues a gyspy damsel-in-distress, Sonja, and the bond that builds between them following their ordeal. This story, while short, contains both graphic violence and… Read More
This is part 3 of 3, the seduction portion of this short story. I've decided to reclassify the whole thing as "romance" rather than "erotica" because I think it fits the direction this took on the whole better. If you have skipped the previous two parts, you are obviously a… Read More
Part 2 of 3. This section follows Sonja's treatment of Guy, entirely from her perspective. One short story has turned into two parts and now into three. Read More

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