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A middle aged woman is brutally sexually exploited by her young lover who takes a certain virginity and makes her suffer degradation in the name of love... Read More
Welcome to the porn dungeon where all manner of perversion and sexual degradation is carried out with a bevvy of bukkake babes.... Read More
Come to the sex clinic where Doctor Val and Sister Renate will give you an erotic experience you will never forget! Read More
Julia is driven to the edge of sanity by sexual frustration brutal erotic fantasy and the attentions of a mysterious stalker which endsin a horrifying social media suicide... Read More
Linn and her room mate Cindi were roomed together by the university in off campus housing...neither girls ever expected what they would discover over the long xmas break.... Read More
Josephine is moving away from the shelter of her parents for the first time. Whisked into the adult world she is met by alcohol, drugs, sex and abuse. She meets new people; good and bad. Will she make it out in one piece? Read More
A young woman brutally date raped tries to come to terms with her ordeal and is driven to the brink of madness before vowing revenge. Part one of a rape/revenge shocker. Read More
A young girl seduced by the lure of easy money gets drawn into the perverted and debauched world of the outer limits of hardcore pornography... Read More
[Completed] I wanted him - no, I ached for him. Did I care he was just 16? No. I couldn't help how I felt, how he made me feel, my story of how I risked everything to have my student. Read More
Things continue to get steamy between Natalie and Jesse St. James when she listens to him perform. Read More
A story about two friends who become closer with each other to help decide one's decision about her sexuality through special lessons. Read More
Marie gets acquainted with her Master's saddle. Read More

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Cindy seduces her teacher Read More
The further adventures of Cindy, a horny little girl... actually an adventure earlier than "Cindy" Read More
I dont know whether to cherish or to condemn this memory that she gave me. Read More
When a girl's parents leave for a weekend, this is how she entertains herself Read More
Christine: 29 years old. A Seattle girl whose lovers scream her name. Read More
Man on a train not acting conventionally Read More
Milly recounts a string of erotic nightmares to her psychiatrist in the hopes that he will help her. She keeps having the same dream over and over in which a spirit that she cannot idenify overwhelms her evoking her erotic core, stimulating her beyond belief. She resists at first but… Read More
A little crude about sex messaging and masturbation Read More
story revolves around a twenty two year university studen and her infatuation, eventual full blown lesbian relationship with a woman that she lodges with and a person who is thirty three years her senior Read More
This probably isnt going to be the best piece of writing I have ever done, I struggled with this, simply because i thought I would try and put something pewrsonal to myself up for a change. A fantasy that revolves around one woman, who doesn't know, probably never will. I… Read More
This is a short story that revolves around a more mature woman's desire to explore her own sensuality and sexuality. A simple story of masturbation and self indulgence playing out to the unfulfilled desire of her first lesbian experience Read More
Who do you think of when alone in the dark? Read More
The school book clerk gets a steamy surprise early one morning. Read More
Ursula finds release and it leads to a productive afternoon and then a very interesting evening. Read More
Ursula is still frustrated with her writer's block, but some of her frustrations have been reduced. Read More

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November 29, 2012

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Hubie's job is challenging and very rewarding, but are there more rewards in store for him? Read More

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