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Women have balls too; at least that was the creed Kristen Hilton lived by. It was the mantra for the Mistress of The Treasure Box and she displayed the shiny suckers to anyone who crossed her path. It was tough being the top Dom for San Francisco hottest BDSM club… Read More

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Loneliness, a sort of romance, sado masochism, dirty talk and existential despair in the fantasy chamber of the net. Read More
Cassandra is losing control. Nothing in her life is how she imagined it would be, almost as if someone else is in charge. But just when she's giving up a certain employer of hers decides to teach her she does have the power. And all the control in the world. Read More
For the third time in three months, young Stella Masterson is sold at an auction to a complete stranger who she hopes will be her escape from her current life, but as she learns more about her new master she starts feeling emotionally attached, and the defining line between master… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The passion between this Master and slave is pure bliss. It wasn't always this way though. Sometimes you need to teach a girl what she really wants before she learns what your offering was what she craved all along. Read More
taken from my book, "So Much For All The Money" Read More

Tags: masochism, sado

taken from my book, "While You're In Rehab" Read More

Tags: masochism, sado

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