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What it means to belong to a dominant. Read More
Belladonna Maria More` is born in the French Quarter, but fate has another plan in store for her. In this chapter we see her positioned against a dark, and ominous relative. Read More
Kaira and Acanthus finally got married. How will the Devil's Own hold up for her deflowering? Read More
Camille de Clervaux finds her husband, Julien, in a very compromising position. What happens when a woman's scorned? Read More
Aracely Nativa is a young woman with a purpose in life. Maintaining a steady GPA at Vanderbilt University as a lit major Aracely's life suddenly changes when a sinister secret, and dark fantasy come to life. Read More
Kaira von Masoch has been lusting for her Singe, Enoch, for quite some time. So long even that a venture into self-gratification doesn't seem undue it's time. Read More

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