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Be careful what you wish for. Matt fantasizes about submitting to a dominant and sadistic female. But when he finally gets his wish, the dynamic becomes increasingly extreme and dangerous. And things may not be as they first seemed. Will he escape before it's too late? Read More
I am making her a gift of my pain, demonstrating my devotion, my loyalty... Read More

Featured Review by willnorman

"The sign of a truly devoted sub...perfectly described." Read More

I hear a whoosh followed immediately by a 'crack' and the pain sears across the middle of my naked buttocks... Read More
"You see, the only language that a man understands, truly understands is the language of pain..." Read More
"Turn round, drop your shorts and prostrate yourself along the length of the desk. Grip the edges. Do not move till the punishment is complete." Read More

Featured Review by Trixie

"Only in his dreams?!? Nope, he needs to find a reason for further punishment. I’m guessing that headmistress was looking for any reason to exa..." Read More

... And a split second later a line of fire ignites along my buttocks... Read More

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The BDSM House

...and had mentioned the incident to her brother who had come in and threatened him... Read More

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