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Ria isn't your ordinary demon of the mist. For one, he's fabulously flaming. And then there's the fact that his mother is a cat. We join Ria on his quest to break the spell put on his mother, getting the added bonuses of watching him save the world and fall… Read More

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Amy was looking for a change. So when the chance to work the bar at Night shift came along she grabbed it. Everyone who comes there is a little diffrent, from the nose rings and black attire to the rainbow dyed hair.So how is it that when the one man… Read More
a Lady casts a love spell on a Lord and ecstasy and passion come their way... Read More
There are somethings in this world we are never ment to know. A world lies within ours.....they walk among us and go throughout their daily lives. Razi was one of them. All she wanted was a normal life, but she knew that could never happen. It became clear to her… Read More
I'm deleting the content of this for now, because it's incomplete and the site wouldn't let me just delete the whole thing Read More

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